Tom loves dead things. The Roman Empire, old coins, Ancient Greece, Stonehenge, the desiccated rivers of old London Town, dinosaurs. His recent support for the conservation of hedgehogs has had supporters of that noble cause desperately asking him if he wouldn’t mind, for the sake of their survival, curling up in a ball and just shutting up.

But in this year, his benefit year, making things extinct is good. If the money raised could help to bring about the end of the three charities Tom’s benefit is supporting, joy would be unconfined as that would likely mean an end to much homelessness and suffering.

Here is a little bit about the three charities Tom has chosen to team up with, along with a link for you to find out more.

The 18 Keys project, run by the St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust

Homelessness presents women with particular challenges. At the moment, there is a serious gap in the provision of long-term care for women who have been living rough on the streets. The 18 Keys Project aims to fill that gap. By backing its work, you will be giving safety, comfort and privacy to women who may have never have known before what it feels like to enjoy such basic human rights.

You will be helping 18 women at a time in learning new skills and having one-to-one support meetings. You will be providing them with secure spaces where they can meet, cook and eat together. At this time of all times, when record numbers of women are becoming homeless, the 18 Keys Project has never been more important.

You can find out more at

The Passage

An increasing number of people have been coming to The Passage experiencing homelessness for the first time due to job loss and the difficult economic climate. We need to prevent people from sleeping out on the streets; even one night can have a devastating effect and make recovery and resettlement much more difficult. No Night Out is a rapid response, homelessness-prevention initiative that will put a stop to anyone having to spend a night on the streets.

Throughout the pandemic, we have moved many clients into temporary hotel accommodation, providing a real opportunity to address their needs and help them find safe routes off the street without interruption or distraction. No Night Out further develops this model, so that when a client first arrives at The Passage we can respond immediately. Any donation will help to fund accommodation and specialist support such as medical, mental health, substance misuse and welfare advice, giving clients the best chance of ending their homelessness for good.

You can find out more at

The Amar Foundation

AMAR builds and improves the lives and livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people. For nearly 30 years, we have provided professional health care, education and training on a sustained and lasting basis.

AMAR runs Public Health Care Centres for tens of thousands of Yazidi people displaced in 2014, when the invasion by the so-called Islamic State forced millions from their homes into tented camps. More than six years since ISIS was ousted, our work continues for the victims, who are still unable to return home to Sinjar and are scarred both physically and mentally.

You can find out more at